Where to Find the Best Mexican Food in Denver

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Regarding authentic Mexican food, the city of Denver has plenty of choices. Several places in the city have excellent Mexican food, such as Los Chingones, Tamayo, and El Camino Community Tavern. If you want a fantastic happy hour, check out Blue Agave Grill. Its Mexican food is delicious, and its happy hour is one of the best in the city.

El Camino Community Tavern

El Camino Community Tavern should be on your list if you are looking for authentic Mexican cuisine. This restaurant serves tasty Mexican cuisine and offers a full bar and daily specials. The ambiance of the bar and the restaurant is cozy and relaxing. You can also enjoy live music in the evening. The food is delicious and affordable.

El Camino Community Tavern offers authentic Mexican food from all regions of Mexico. The restaurant’s carnitas, made with slow-braised pork in Michoacán style, is a Denver staple. The pork is served with a side of fresh pico de gallo and red chile marinated.

The restaurant serves authentic Mexican tequila and a variety of other drinks. It also offers award-winning tacos and tequila. The restaurant also offers seafood, fish tacos, Carne guisada, cantina burritos, and fried ice cream. You can find several locations across the Denver metro area.


The most exciting Mexican dishes are served here. The restaurant has a gorgeous, spacious rooftop deck. The chef uses fresh ingredients in every word. The atmosphere is upscale and casual. Guests can enjoy a meal with friends and family at this hip Denver restaurant. There are a variety of delicious dishes to choose from, including a wide selection of tacos.

Tamayo’s chefs offer authentic Mexican ingredients paired with modern techniques. The restaurant also features a good wine list and an impressive list of over 200 tequilas. Its rooftop patio has a panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains. Service is brisk, and the waitstaff can provide suggestions for specialty drinks.

La Loma Mexican restaurant has been serving authentic Mexican fare since the 1970s. The restaurant has three locations in Denver. The original downtown location features rustic decor, an open kitchen, and a separate bar area. Its mini chile Rellenos are famous, so order them hot. It also has two locations in suburban Castle Rock.

Los Dos Potrillos

Located in the southern suburbs of Denver, Los Dos Potrillos is famous for its authentic Mexican cuisine. The restaurant’s name derives from the Spanish term for “two colts” and refers to pre-stallion ponies. The Ramirez brothers’ family business also includes its brewery. They plan to open the new location in Castle Rock in spring 2023.

Currently, there are five locations, including one in Littleton. The brothers, Daniel and Luis, are committed to expanding the restaurant’s reach. They hope to become the Shake Shack of Mexican food. In addition to their Denver restaurant, the brothers are building a new one in Castle Rock later this year. The new restaurant will feature authentic Mexican fare and a quick service version. It will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Ramirez family came to the U.S. with little money. Today, they’ve become one of Denver’s most popular Mexican restaurants.

La Calle Taqueria

This Mexican food joint offers authentic Mexican street food in a counter-serve environment. Traditional tacos, such as chilaquiles and tamales, can be found here. The atmosphere is fun and casual, and the staff is friendly. The menu includes traditional street foods as well as unique twists.

Tortas, a dish made on round bread, is another popular Denver food item. They can be stuffed with all sorts of meats and cheese. Try the lambada, which is filled with spicy chorizo, fried eggs, mayo, onion, and tomato.

If you’re craving a little bit of spice and authentic Mexican cuisine, head to La Calle Taqueria. You’ll be glad you did. The restaurant is located in Sunnyside. It also serves a range of other tasty Mexican cuisine featuring award-winning tacos.

If you’re craving authentic Mexican street food, check out La Calle Taqueria, a traditional Mexican restaurant in the Valverde neighborhood. It offers cheap Taco Tuesday deals and delivers food to Denver neighborhoods. The Cochinita Pibil plate is a popular choice among locals. The restaurant also provides Mexican Horchata, a delicious cinnamon-flavored rice drink.

El Chingon

If you’re looking for authentic Mexican food in Denver, look no further than El Chingon. This popular Denver restaurant features delicious dishes from Mexico with a fine-dining approach and an excellent Tequila selection. The food is savory, flavorful, and well-seasoned, and the atmosphere is casual and fun, perfect for date night or a family gathering.

There’s no doubt that Denver’s restaurant scene is hopping. Many traditional Mexican restaurants are finding new customers while innovative interpretations of the cuisine are gaining popularity. Chef Jose Lopez gets his inspiration from his grandmother Gloria Nunez. He also learned to cook quality Mexican food at the Zengo restaurant run by Richard Sandoval.

Known for its outstanding Mexican fare, Lopez spent years working at several fine restaurants in Colorado before launching his venture. The dishes are inspired by his grandmother, who was born in Mexico City. Nunez, a mother of seven, is the kitchen’s heart, combining traditional Mexican recipes with contemporary twists. Her acclaimed Chingon Carnitas is a modern take on the conventional braised pork shoulder. It is served with Abuelita’s salsa verde.

Los Carboncitos

If you’re looking for authentic Mexican food, you’re in luck. Denver has several good options, including a Comal Heritage Food Incubator that focuses on Mexican food. Its menu consists of traditional dishes from Mexico City, such as huaraches, alambres, and tortas. The food is fresh, and the prices are low. You can also get a basket of new chips with five different salsas and a traditional mole for just $4.

Poblano Peppers with Chicken is another tasty dish filled with shredded chicken and topped with tomatillo salsa and queso. If you’re looking for the best Mexican food in Denver, don’t miss out on this award-winning spot.

Los Carboncitos has three locations in Denver, each offering a wide selection of Mexican food and drinks. You can also get Mexican food delivered to your door. If you don’t want to wait for delivery, you can also order from Chakas Mexican Restaurant. They offer an extensive menu with daily happy hours. They also offer delivery throughout Denver if you’re in a rush. The Cochinita Pibil plate is a must-try, and they also provide Mexican Horchata, a delicious drink made from rice.


Patzcuaro’s is known for serving authentic Mexican cuisine and various margaritas. You’ll enjoy wood and brick-laden hangout with significant portions of Mexican food. The staff is also friendly, and the service is good.

Patzcuaro’s has been a landmark in the Denver area since 1978. It is a family-owned restaurant that specializes in Michoacan cuisine. The vibrantly spiced seafood is one of the main attractions here. There’s also a full-service bar and a spacious patio.

The city’s Latino population has long supported the culture of Southwestern food, with a significant portion of its population originating from Mexico. Denver is famous for its Green Chili, and you’ll find this popular dish on many menus. Here are ten places in Denver where you can try Southwestern-style food.

This restaurant’s menu is bold and unique. Besides lamb neck, it also offers octopus taco, green chili, and guacamole. It’s an excellent place to treat yourself to guacamole that’s topped with rattlesnake chorizo.

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