What Should I Order at an Authentic Mexican Restaurant?

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To enjoy authentic Mexican food, you need to know what to order. You can try Chiles rellenos, Pipian, Enchiladas, or even Chilaquiles. You can even request a salad. Make sure you read the menu carefully and the reviews before ordering.


When dining at a Mexican restaurant, you’ll want to order the chilaquiles with a side of beans and tortilla chips. While they are delicious and incredibly satisfying, the chilaquiles are also healthy, mainly if you use lean protein as a topping. They also contain plenty of vegetables and corn grains; the refried beans are a serving of legumes. If you’re preparing the chilaquiles on your own, you might want to use an oil-based pan. Once the oil has been heated, put your egg in the frying pan.

Authentic Mexican restaurants will use fresh, organic ingredients when possible. For example, corn tortillas cut into quarters are the traditional base for chilaquiles. A green or red salsa is poured over the crisp triangles and simmered until the tortilla softens. Occasionally, shredded chicken is added. Other typical toppings for chilaquiles include grated cheese and Mexican crema. Depending on the region of Mexico, you may also find seafood chilaquiles.

The dish is a traditional Mexican dish that dates back to the early Aztecs. The term chilaquiles is a derivative of the Nahuatl language, which means “chilis and greens.” It is an everyday staple in Mexican households and has been used for hundreds of years. Encarnacion Pinedo first introduced chilaquiles to the United States in 1898 when he published “The Spanish Cook.”


Enchiladas are one of the many dishes that are popular in Mexico. Many components go into making an authentic enchilada. You can learn more about making enchiladas by watching the video below. Typically, you will need to cook the beans and rice first. After that, you can assemble your enchiladas and bake them. The authentic flavor of enchiladas comes from the sauce and sauteed rice.

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To make enchiladas, you will need tortillas. You can use corn or flour tortillas. Once you’ve made them, place the filling in the center. Fold the tortilla over the filling, and put it in a dish. You can also add a garnish like chopped onions.

If you’re traveling to Mexico, try some traditional foods. Enchiladas can be one of the most delicious ways to experience authentic Mexican cuisine. You can even get them at Taco Bell, which serves authentic Mexican dishes. These restaurants offer generous portions of meat and modest prices. Try their chicken or soft beef tacos and a taco salad.

Chiles Rellenos

If you want to make authentic chiles Rellenos at home, here are some essential tips: first, the chiles should be stuffed just right. Overstuffed chiles will not seal, and the filling will spill out, making the dish unpalatable. Second, the batter must be light and fluffy. The best way to achieve this is by separating egg whites and yolks. Add the egg yolks one at a time when the egg whites have reached the correct consistency.

Then, remove the pork from the broth and reduce the broth by half. This helps to concentrate the flavor. The next step is to prepare the filling. Use your fingers to break the pork into smaller pieces, then chop the meat with a knife. Cut the pieces evenly to fit snugly inside the chile shell. Next, fill the chiles with cheese or any other assortment of vegetables. Once you’ve completed the filling, place the chiles into the oil and cook for about 5 minutes.

Finally, make sure to prepare the chiles before starting the filling process. While traditional chiles Rellenos are prepared with Oaxaca cheese, you can also opt for other types of cheese and fillings. Other options include carnitas, shredded chicken, and picadillo. A large bowl of mashed avocado can also be a great accompaniment to chiles Rellenos.

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Pipian is a Mexican sauce often served over enchiladas or roast chicken. It is part of the mole family and is exceptionally delicious. It can be purchased in Mexican grocery stores or made at home. However, if you want to experience the authentic taste of piping, it’s best to have it prepared fresh.

Pipian can be made with various ingredients, including chiles, sesame seeds, peanuts, and green-shelled squash seeds. It can also contain shrimp. The key to piping is carefully charring the elements, especially the chiles. You can also add smoked salt to give it a smokey flavor.

To make piping at home, you will need a large pot with a lid. Start with 1.1 pounds of chicken. Place the chicken in the pan with about an inch of water. This liquid will be used to make the pipian sauce. After about 20 minutes, remove the chicken from the pan.

Huevos Rancheros

To get the most authentic Huevos Rancheros, you must know the ingredients. Chiles are the essential ingredient in this dish and can be any color, from green to red, fresh or dried. Roasting the chiles helps them soften and add flavor to the sauce. You can also add roasted tomatoes to the sauce. Huevos Rancheros are usually served sunny side up, with salsa on the side.

Huevos Rancheros is a classic Mexican breakfast dish that is known throughout the world. This fried egg dish is often topped with salsa and a tortilla. The tortillas are traditionally made of corn, but you can also find them made with flour. Huevos Rancheros can be eaten plain or with a variety of other toppings. This is a great way to start your day!

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Huevos Rancheros originated in rural Mexico and spread quickly among farming communities. In the United States, they became a favorite breakfast dish. Their popularity spread to the border state of Texas, and they are now a staple of many North American diners and restaurants.

Arroz con Leche

Arroz con Leche is a traditional Mexican dessert that is reminiscent of Spain. The simple dish can be prepared at home with a few everyday pantry staples. Mix evaporated or whole milk with water, cinnamon, and raisins to make the dish. Arroz con Leche can be served warm or at room temperature.

Arroz con Leche is a rich, creamy dish made from rice and milk. It can be made with white or brown rice and is commonly flavored with cinnamon or vanilla. Arroz con Leche is a staple of Mexican cuisine and is a favorite of many people.

In some parts of the world, the dish is considered beneficial for the body. In Costa Rica, for example, the word is said to help heal wounds. Throughout Latin America, this dish is typical and is traditionally made from cooked rice and milk. Other ingredients include cinnamon sticks, orange peel, and sugar.

Arroz con Leche is a traditional Mexican dessert that has Spanish origins. It dates back to 1607, when Domingo Hernandez de Mackerras wrote the first known recipe. It is considered a legacy of the Spanish colonial period.


Quesadillas are one of the most famous dishes in Mexico, which are served for breakfast. They are made with a flat tortilla made of corn masa cooked previously. The tortilla is then warmed and fried, and the fillings are placed inside. The term “tortilla” means little cake and dates back to pre-Columbian times when the Native Americans used corn tortillas to make food.

Quesadillas are traditionally made on a comal, a flat grill of cast iron. However, you can make your version at home by using a large skillet or flat griddle. If you don’t use too much oil, you can enjoy a delicious and filling quesadilla.

A typical quesadilla has ingredients such as sliced tomatoes and fried eggs, but you can customize the elements to suit your needs. You can also try a vegetarian version or a quesadilla filled with spicy black beans or tofu. You can add ham and cheese to the tortilla for a heartier meal.

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