These 6 Unhealthy Foods Will Do More Harm Than Good

Because it contains added sugar, which may have a serious negative effect on health, soda is among the unhealthiest foods.

Soda Is Filled With Sugar

Although frosting is a tasty and sweet cake topping, it is quite bad for your health.

Frosting Contains Harmful Carcinogens

Certain cheeses are fine when consumed in moderation, but others need to be completely avoided.

Processed Cheese Isn't Real Cheese

Because of its deep, sweet flavor, maple syrup is one of the most often used condiments for breakfast.

Maple Syrup Has No Nutritional Value

Given all of its health advantages, it defies logic that brown rice would be seen as harmful.

This Chemical Can Be Found In Brown Rice

Margarine isn't so nutritious, although it may be used as a butter alternative and has some heart-friendly properties.

Margarine May Not Be A Better Butter Alternative

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