The 5 best ramen restaurants in America

The restaurant that ignited Austin's ramen craze is still the greatest spot to acquire noodles because of its insanely strong broth.

 Ramen Tatsu-Ya | Austin, TX

Japan native Kazunori Kobayashi has established a little ramen empire in the Bay Area, with each outlet specialized on a different type of broth.

 Ramen Dojo | San Mateo, CA

East Asian trips are the source of inspiration for Chef Erik Bruner-Yang's slurp-worthy bowls at his H Street hotspot.

 Toki Underground | Washington, D.C.

Despite all the new shops popping up, one of the original LA tonkotsu experts is still the best.

Jinya Ramen Bar | Los Angeles, CA

Ramen Nagi, a well-known ramen chain in Asia, has recently opened restaurants in southern and northern California. Long

Ramen Nagi | Palo Alto, CA

lines of customers who don't mind waiting in line have been enticed to the eatery by its delicious bowls of noodles.

Ramen Nagi | Palo Alto, CA

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