The 10 Most Valuable Pennies

It's not necessary to be a coin collector to have piggy banks hidden throughout your home that are stocked with pennies,

nickels, dimes, and quarters. You might not realize it, though, how much money you have stashed away—more than just a little

extra to spend here and there. There are pennies in your house that may be worth far more than just one penny. Ten pennies

worth money to look for in 2024 include: 1943-D Lincoln Bronze Wheat Penny — $2.3 million, 1944-S Steel Wheat Penny — $1.1

million, 1793 Strawberry Leaf Cent — $862,000, 1943-S Lincoln Cent Struck on Bronze — $282,000, 1909 VDB Matte Proof Lincoln

Penny — $258,000, 1958 Doubled Die Obverse Cent — $224,831, 1856 Flying Eagle Cent — $172,500, 1864 Indian Head

Penny “L” on Ribbon — $161,000, 1914-D Lincoln Penny — $159,000, 1926-S Lincoln Penny — $149,500.

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