How to Prepare Vegetables for Dogs

Clean your veggies in the same way as you would if you were presenting them to others. Dogs are susceptible to the toxins and pesticides used in cultivation! To prevent choking

dangers or serving quantities that are overly large, chop them into little pieces. Limit your dog's daily treat intake to no more than 10% of his or her food. This includes wholesome

foods like vegetables. Introduce new meals gradually. A lot of new food might upset a dog's stomach, especially if their bellies are sensitive. Certain vegetables, like potatoes, must be

cooked since they are harmful when uncooked. Additionally, not every part of the plant will be edible, so always do your homework before introducing new foods. The majority may be

frozen, cooked, or consumed raw. Steer clear of canned veggies that contain a lot of salt or other preservatives. Steer clear of adding oil, butter, or

salt when preparing vegetables for your dog. They become less nutritious as a result, and certain spices may even be poisonous to your dog.

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