7 Tips To Exercise Safely When It’s Warm

Have a glass of water around half an hour before working out.

Drink Water Before, During, And After

You will become dehydrated much more quickly if your body isn't used to the heat.

Allow Your Body To Adapt To The Weather

A snack high in protein is usually the ideal fuel for a pre-workout. Foods high in fat and starch also give you a toasty feeling.

Skip The Pre-Workout Snack (Or Eat A Better One)

Even on cloudy days, always use sunscreen when it's hot outside.

How Sunscreen Lowers Body Temperature

Dry heat is not always as hazardous as humidity. Sweat does not evaporate due to the wet air.

Don't Forget Humidity; It's Worse Than Heat

Avoid exercising in the hottest months of the year when the sun is at its highest.

Choose The Coolest Time And Place

Certain health websites suggest avoiding sports drinks due to their calorie content.

No Need To Fear Sports Drinks

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