7 Animals That Terrify Rattlesnakes

The way that kingsnakes hunt rattlesnakes is evidence of their flexibility and slyness.

The Kings of the Hunt: Kingsnakes

Bobcats' distinct physiology makes them immune to the poison of rattlesnakes by nature.

Bobcats: The Crafty Killers

The thing that distinguishes roadrunners from the rest of the world is their extraordinary quickness and flexibility.

Swift Predators: Roadrunners

Hawks can detect prey from enormous heights because their eyes are designed for long-range vision and precise depth perception.

The Sky Beast: Hawk

Raccoons are distinct from other carnivores due to a special adaption they have: their agile and skillful hands.

Raccoons: Ingenious Stalker

Eagles hunt rattlesnakes more strategically from the air than do ground-based predators.

The Mighty Eagle

Owls use quiet flying to get close to rattlesnakes without being noticed.


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