6 Pennies from the 1800s Worth a Lot of Money

Although the smaller cent wasn't minted for use in circulation until 1857, a few hundred specimens were minted the year before for congressional members to examine.

1856 1C Flying Eagle Penny

An "L" may be seen on the ribbon behind the Indian Head and next to the bottom feather of the 1864 Indian Head penny.

1864 1C L on Ribbon, RD

Struck between 1859 and 1909, the Indian Head, Shield Reverse coinage includes the 1871 penny.

1871 1C, RD

Another interesting coin from the Indian Head, Shield Reverse series is the 1872 Indian Head penny.

1872 1C, RD

The three-digit date on the "Closed 3-" variation may be distinguished from the Open 3-style because it is thicker.

1873 1C Closed 3, RD

Among the Indian Cent series' most well-liked variants is the 1888 over 7 Indian Head cent.

1888/7 1C, RB

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