6 Interesting Facts About United States

1. The terms "the States," "the United States," "the U.S.," "the USA," and "America" are also used to refer to the United States of America.

2. The United States was the first nation to declare its independence from a European state, doing so in 1783.

3. In 1788, the United States ratified its first constitution. Nine states had to vote in support of the proposed constitution in order for it to

be approved in 1787. The first state to ratify the constitution was Delaware, and New Hampshire was the ninth state to do so, making it enforceable.

4. Robert G. Heft, a high school student, created the present American flag.

5. The American National Flag has thirteen stripes, which stand for the original thirteen colonies. And a circle of thirteen stars was

seen. Today, each of the 50 states has 50 stars. Since its inception, the flag has undergone 27 iterations.