5 Best Costco Desserts for Weight Loss

Biscotti are renowned for their crisp texture and subtle sweetness.

La Dolce Vita Classic Almond Biscotti

Almond butter complements fruit-based desserts well and isn't too sweet.

Kirkland Signature Creamy Almond Butter

Nuts make a fantastic dessert basis because they combine fiber, protein, and healthy fats in one.

KIND Dipped Clusters, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Nuts and Fruit

These Kirkland Signature Cashew Clusters are an additional alternative with a focus on nuts and seeds and a

Kirkland Signature Cashew Clusters

hint of sweetness. 160 calories in one ounce may be more than a person who is trying to lose weight should consume.

Kirkland Signature Cashew Clusters

These individual servings And that's it. Mini Fruit Bars have no added sugar and only 60 calories.

That's it, Mini Fruit Bars

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